An affordable media production company focused on delivering high-quality solutions that empower the client's marketing strategy

My Mate Nate Studios is the go-to production company if you want to promote your products, educate your customers, or bring your brand closer to your audience. We pride ourselves on balancing video production and creative strategy when solving complex challenges and deliver unprecedented quality at a fraction of the price.       

We combine the art of filmmaking with a deep understanding of the digital world. The team fuses bold storytelling, innovation, and high-quality cinematic production in every branded film or commercial. The purpose of the end product is to inform, engage, and sell, but also to amaze the end viewer.

My Mate Nate

CEO / Executive Director

YT: 10,150,000 FB: 2,951,000  IG: 650,000


Wannabe Mee

Assistant Executive Director

YT: 3,610,000  TikTok:1,600,000  IG: 311,000


Review Khong

Tech Junkie

YT: 648,000


Coach Nay

Fitness Expert / Professional Athlete

YT: 855,000



Editing Mangaer



Creative Designer / Editor



Camera Man / Editor



Special Effects / Editor


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